Tokyo, Japan – An Iconic City In Pop-culture (For Assessment – Symbols)

What makes a particular country or city unique? That seems to be the food for thought before proceeding with our travel arrangements. The answer? Symbols. A symbol may take on a multitude of forms. We identify geographical symbols through pictures, objects or even the natural features a location boasts.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has no doubt cemented its place as an iconic city in pop-culture. Over the years, audiences from all over the world have been treated to films and animated series’, where the plot was set in Tokyo, Japan.

Mention ‘the land of the rising sun’ and the first thought that comes to mind is undoubtedly, the term ‘Pokemon’. The critically-acclaimed animated series that originated from Japan could be considered a national symbol to some extent. It has formed an integral part of the childhood of an entire generation over the course of the last decade, and at present, still continues to be widely followed by legions of fans on a global scale.

The franchise that began as an animated series, has extended its reach through video games, books, and more recently, a mobile-gaming app titled ‘Pokemon Go’ that has taken the world by storm.

In addition, Tokyo also houses the premier anime attraction for tourists – the ‘Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo’ – a haven where Pokemon enthusiasts can purchase the franchise’s official merchandise. For more, visit :


For a virtual tour of the store, check out the video link below:


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